Caddie Information

Caddie Policy

Caddies will not be permitted in the 13-17 and Championship Divisions. Caddies will be permitted in the 12, 11 and 10 & Under Divisions.  Per AJGA policy, caddies in the 12 and 11 Divisions must not be a parent/guardian of the player.  For the 10 & Under Divisions, caddies may be a parent/guardian of the player. Caddies for the Starburst Junior Golf Classic must register and pass the NTPGA Junior Tour Caddie Quiz. Caddies that do not register WILL NOT be allowed to caddie for any player until registration is complete. Caddie Registration There is a fee of $20 to register as an NTPGA caddie. Register HERE. Caddie Check-In All caddies must check in at registration in order to caddie during the Starburst Junior Golf Classic.

Caddies May:

  • Assist with yardage
  • Assist with club selection
  • Provide advice
  • Search for the player’s ball
  • Repair old hole plugs and ball marks
  • Remove loose impediments
  • Mark the position of a ball, without lifting it
  • Clean the player’s ball
  • Remove movable obstructions
  • Keep the player’s score

Caddies May Not:

  • Violate a USGA Rule of Golf
  • Violate the NTPGA Caddie Code of Conduct
  • Ride or have golf clubs transported in golf carts except when being transported to their starting hole, back to the clubhouse from their finishing hole, during a suspension of play or when authorized by the NTPGA staff (Medalist Level Girls 11-12 approved shuttling, etc.).
  • Give extensive coaching or training during a round resulting in pace of play violations

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It is a great event and one of the few that allow caddies. Tremendous bonding time. I would recommend it to anyone with a desire to play competitive golf.

Starburst Junior Golf Classic

Starburst Junior Golf Classic