Caddie Information

Caddie Policy

Caddie Registration will open on January 2, 2020.


Caddies will not be permitted in the 13-17 and Championship Divisions. Caddies will be permitted in the 12, 11 and 10 & Under Divisions.  Per AJGA policy, caddies in the 12 and 11 Divisions must not be a parent/guardian of the player.  For the 10 & Under Divisions, caddies may be a parent/guardian of the player. Caddies for the Starburst Junior Golf Classic must register and pass the NTPGA Junior Tour Caddie Quiz. Caddies that do not register WILL NOT be allowed to caddie for any player until registration is complete. Caddie Registration There is a fee of $10 to register as an NTPGA caddie. Caddie Check-In All caddies must check in at registration in order to caddie during the Starburst Junior Golf Classic.

Caddies may ride in a golf cart and have the player’s clubs transported on the golf cart. Two caddies for two separate players may share a golf cart. However, only caddies are permitted to ride in the golf cart. Players must walk. Other spectators are not permitted ride in the same golf cart as the caddie unless the spectator is age 10 or younger or 65 or older. Doing so constitutes having more than one caddy which is a violation of Rule 10.3.

Players are responsible for the actions of their caddies. Only one caddie is allowed per player at one time (Rule 10.3). Failure to abide by this Rule may result in a two-stroke penalty. Caddies must be identified by wearing an official Starburst caddie “T” shirt or caddie bib. New and previous caddie apparel is accepted.

Caddies may help players find lost balls. Caddies may not physically assist a player with a shot. This includes but is not limited to assisting in their stance or position prior to a stroke or putt. Caddies may not stand on the player’s line while the shot is executed. Caddies may help with the reading of putts. Caddies need to limit pre-shot discussion to a minimum. Lengthy discussion resulting in slow pace of play may result in a penalty. If golf carts are restricted to “cart paths only” due to weather, caddies will need to keep up the pace of play.

Caddies May

  • Assist with yardage
  • Assist with club selection
  • Provide advice
  • Search for the player’s ball
  • Repair old hole plugs and ball marks
  • Remove loose impediments
  • Mark the position of a ball, without lifting it
  • Clean the player’s ball
  • Remove movable obstructions
  • Keep the player’s score

Caddies May Not

  • Violate a USGA Rule of Golf
  • Violate the NTPGA Caddie Code of Conduct
  • Ride or have golf clubs transported in golf carts except when being transported to their starting hole, back to the clubhouse from their finishing hole, during a suspension of play or when authorized by the NTPGA staff (Medalist Level Girls 11-12 approved shuttling, etc.).
  • Give extensive coaching or training during a round resulting in pace of play violations