Fees and Policies

2019 Fees

2019 Fees: All players $215, Caddies $20

Each player will receive unique tournament gifts on the Sunday before the tournament.

All players, family members and caddies are invited to Cottonwood Creek Golf Course on Sunday, June 16 for dinner between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

You can no longer transfer your registration fee to the following year.

Waiting List Policy

Once a tournament is full, all players that register will be placed on the waiting list.  Players on the waiting list will be placed into the event on a first-come, first-served basis according to space availability in their division. Players still on the waiting list after the registration deadline will be notified by an NTPGA staff member no later than (3) days prior to the tournament if a spot becomes available in their division.  An NTPGA staff member will notify a player two (2) days prior to the event if they have been selected to be an on-site alternate.

Weather Contingency Plan- Shortened All American Tour Events

In the event that an All American Tour tournament is shortened due to weather or the like, all players are expected to return their respective scorecard to the NTPGA staff once the tournament has officially been cancelled, regardless of the number of holes they have completed.

The NTPGA staff will make every effort to score the event for each division competing in the tournament. However, should a division fail to collectively complete 18-holes over two (2) days, the tournament will not be official, therefore, the results and points challenge results will not be posted.The respective All American Tour Tournament Cancellation procedure would then take effect.

Should a division collectively complete more than 18-holes, but less than 36-holes, the event will be considered official and the NTPGA staff will score the tournament using only the first 18-hole score the player recorded.

NOTE 1: For All American Tour events consisting of more than 36-holes, the same procedure will apply and all scores from applicable completed rounds by each division will be recorded for the tournament.

NOTE 2: In the scenarios outlined above, applicable trophies will be awarded to 1st Place finishers utilizing a scorecard playoff as outlined in the rules and regulations.  If the champion is absent, his/her award will be mailed immediately following the announcement of the official tournament results.


Ties for first place in all divisions will be broken using a sudden-death playoff.  If a player is not present to compete in a sudden-death playoff, he/she will be deemed to have forfeited the playoff. Should weather or darkness interfere, a scorecard playoff will be utilized beginning with the final round scorecard. 


Players are eligible to earn points at each All American Tour event in which they compete. This Points Challenge will be conducted separately and stand-apart from all other NTPGA Junior Tour tournaments and Points Challenges.

Points will be awarded to the top 10 players and ties in each division. If there are more than 20 players in a division at a tournament, points will be awarded to the top ½ of the total number of players and ties in that division.

For example: If there are 26 players competing in the Boys 15-18 division at a tournament, points will be awarded to the top 13 players and ties. If there are 14 players competing in the Boys 15-18 division at a tournament, points will be awarded to the top 10 players and ties.

Any points earned within a division will stay in that division for the entire year. This means that if a player has a birthday which causes him/her to move to an older division, his/her points do not carry over. Should the player earn a qualification or exemption of some kind with the points from their previous division, that will still be honored, and the player will need to compete in the new age appropriate division.

The following is the breakdown of the point distribution for each division at each All American Tour event:

1st place – 250       6th place – 100       11th place – 55       16th – 20th   place – 25

2nd place – 200       7th place – 90        12th place – 50       21st – 30th   place – 20

3rd place – 175       8th place – 80        13th place – 45       31st – 40th   place – 15

4th place – 150       9th place – 70        14th place – 40       41st – 50th   place – 10

5th place – 125     10th place – 60        15th place – 35

NOTE: The sudden-death playoff will be used to determine 1st place only. Points for all other places will be distributed equally amongst all ties.

A player’s standing in the All American Tour Points Challenge will be determined by the total points accumulated from the tournaments in which they participate.  Example: A player has earned 600 points in the All American Tour Points Challenge by playing in four (4) tournaments and recording a 1st place finish (250 points), 3rd place finish (175 points), 5th place finish (125 points), and a 12th place (with 24 players in the age division) finish (50 points).

Legends Junior Tour Alliance Tier 2 Points

In addition to All American Tour points earning qualifying spots and tournament exemptions, points earned on the All American Tour will also be added to a player’s overall Performance Point total with the Legends Junior Tour. The Legends Junior Tour will use points awarded at Alliance Tier 2 (i.e. All American Tour event) tournaments, in addition to points awarded at their own tournaments, to establish invite lists for limited field events, distribute exemptions into certain tournaments, as well as determine the Legends Junior Tour Players of the Year. Please note that only ½ of the total number of players and ties in each division at All American Tour events will earn Legends Junior Tour Performance Points. For additional information on Alliance Tier 2 events and the Legends Junior Tour Performance Point system, please visit the Legends Junior Tour website at www.tljt.org.

Cart Refund Weather Policy:

If less than 6 holes have been completed the course will refund the full amount of the cart fee. If 6 to 8 holes have been completed the course will refund half of the amount of the cart fee. If 9 or more holes have been completed the course will provide no refunds for cart fees.

Refund Policy

Refunds will NOT be granted for cancellations and withdrawals after 2:00 p.m. CST on June 12. All cancellations are subject to a $19 cancellation fee.


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It is always a great tournament. One of the courses was really rough but I know it was a substitute because of the rain. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into this. Everyone at the courses were so wonderful & courteous.

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