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The Starburst Junior Golf Classic is for golfers ages 7-19 who have achieved a high-level of golf and tournament experience The Starburst Junior Golf Classic will be conducted over two days with 18-holes played each day. The Starburst Junior Golf Classic is nationally ranked and offers regional tournament exemptions as well as AJGA Performance Based Entry (PBE) to top finishers.

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All players have the option of playing in the division that corresponds with their age or in the Championship division. Players will not be allowed to “play up” in a division that does not correspond with their age unless that is the Championship division.

10 & Under, 11-17, and Championship

10 & Under, 11-17, and Championship

AJGA PBE status will be awarded to our Championship and 11 thru 17 Divisions click here for the 2019 Starburst Junior Golf Classic AJGA Performance Based Entry.

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Love this tournament. My dad caddies for me and we have a blast---even when I'm not playing well!

Starburst Junior Golf Classic

Starburst Junior Golf Classic